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Don’t do it!

14 February 2009 No Comment

How many of you have a “to do” list? Yes, I thought so! And, how many of you have a “not to do” list? A what?

The thing which characterises great businesses, and distinguishes them from good businesses, is the stuff that they don’t do . . . the stuff that they have conscientiously decided not to do. Since going paperless, we have continued to send out traditional letters in one or two cases. We have conscientiously decided not to do that any longer. We still operate a hybrid system to accommodate some paper, but we expect all clients to have e-mail.

If you don’t have an e-mail address how can we work the paperless system? It was a big decision for us, but we made it at the end of 2008. We asked two clients to make a choice between setting up an e-mail address, or finding a new accountant. Brutal? Perhaps! Does in fit with our ethos? Yes!

Is there something that you should “not be doing”? To help you along this path, read Good to Great by Jim Collins.

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