Who is Proactive Paul?

Paul doesn’t advertise! He doesn’t need to! You can only find him by word of mouth. And that’ll be easier if you’re in or near London, and it’s especially easy if you’re a part of the Tech Community.

So actually, it’s not that difficult. He’s quite well known, and he has lots of satisfied customers! Mind you, his services don’t come cheap, and his time is much in demand. So he can only handle a few coaching clients at any one time.

You’ll need to be running an established VAT registered business in the UK. You’ll also need to be able to do an initial 7am meeting in central London. If both of those prerequisites are OK with you, then seek him out. He’s probably doing one of his regular 10km runs right now, along the South Bank, before heading to his next 7am coaching session.

Proactive Paul finishing the Geneva Marathon 2018

Be careful who you listen to. You might end up just like them!

Fit and healthy, happy and wealthy.

Is that something you’d be interested in?