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The Paperless Office and the law!

15 August 2010 No Comment

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What does the law say about electronic documents?

In the UK, the issue of digital records is dealt with primarily by two pieces of (now quite old) legislation:

  • The Civil Evidence Act 1995
  • The Electronic Communications Act 2000

The first talks (in particular) about digital copies of paper documents and how they might be authentic and robust depending on your IT system. And, the second recognises that digital documents may never have existed on paper, and deals with how we handle documents such as these (like a receipt from EasyJet).

In essence, if you are relying on a digital document to be a proof, then it needs to be held in an IT system which is robust and which preserves the authenticity of the document. Quite what that means will not be clear until there are a few stated cases which we can use as precedents.

In the meantime, I suggest that The Paperless Expert sets out a system which is authentic and robust!

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Posted on 15 Aug 2010 by Proactive Paul


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