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What does “Performance” mean?

20 March 2009 No Comment

It’s Friday, and one of the things I do on Fridays is look back at the week and see how well things have gone. Have I achieved any goals? And, what does that mean for my past and future performance on “performance measurement”?

This blog went through a long incubation before it was launched in early 2009. I made a point of building a commitment to write something every day. I also wanted each article to be short and easy to read. Now that it’s beginning to take shape, it needs a little more structure. Patterns have already evolved, and I am planning to adopt a little more routine. One of the clearer elements will be “Technology Thursday” when the dialogue will be something current and topical in the field of IT.

Monday mornings will be lightened up with a short story or anecdote; a “funny” to cheer you up on what might otherwise be a dull day at the start of the week. This weekend I will be looking out for interesting tales from around the dinner table and hope to bring you something amusing or noteworthy for you to recount at your next dinner party. I would be interested to know what you have found interesting and what brought you to “don’t read my blog”, so please feel free to add your comments. That way I can gain a better understanding of my own performance!

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