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BarCamp Sheffield 3 – The Movie

18 April 2011 No Comment

Punctuating my holiday in the Peak District and in York, I spent the weekend of 16 and 17 April 2011 at BarCamp Sheffield 3. It was a dynamic and challenging event, which introduced me to new concepts in education, to new software hacks and hardware hacks, and to what life may be like in the year 5001.

I learnt about node.js and about fractals (last seen when I did A level maths many moons ago) and I practiced existing skills (like eating cakes). There was a wonderful mix of people at the barcamp, though perhaps a few less than had been expected. It would be great to find a way to encourage more people who sign up to events, to actually attend on the day.

Barcamp Sheffield 3

That makes me wonder if we could use Barcampers Dot Org as a tool to improve attendance. After all, that’s what the organisers want, and that is what the attendees need too. Bigger, more robust events provide more sessions for us to attend, and more people to attend our sessions. I ran a session on the Saturday about the domain which I have just acquired and I wanted to know what Barcampers Dot Org could be used for. I’d be happy to hear your suggestions.

As usual, I took some video over the weekend. Here’s a short compilation . . .

With the welcome support of the GIST foundation, we all owe a duty of thanks to @jagusti and his team for making everything run smoothly.

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