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Barcamp Bournemouth 7

20 April 2015 No Comment

The Marshmallow Challenge

Here’s a game that I haven’t played for 20 odd years, so I decided to run it as a session at #bcbomo7 on 18 Apr 2015.


Equipped with many packets of Marshmallows and packets of Spaghetti, the teams were challenged to build the tallest possible structure they could. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Use only your own marshmallows, and spaghetti, and nothing else.
  • Do not eat the other teams’ marshmallows.
  • Do not cut holes in the ceiling.
  • Do not cook the spaghetti.
  • The structure may not have any external support.

We had about 30 minutes (and that was definitely not long enough) and the teams set off. Here’s what the best four structures looked like at the end:

20150418bcbomo004 4th – A valiant but low profile 28cm effort from Paul and Mark.

20150418bcbomo0033rd – Daisy and Luke had made this thing taller but it registerd only 50cm by the time it settled into position for the judging.

20150418bcbomo0022nd – Danielle and Chris combined their two towers to reach 62cm.

20150418bcbomo0011st – By splitting the marshmallows in half, Tariq and Brandon won first prize with this 110cm tower.

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