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Mini Barcamp Fukuoka

19 April 2009 No Comment

World Affairs on Sunday

Mini Barcamp Fukuoka is taking place on Tuesday 5 May 2009 in the evening. It’s going to be the first Barcamp in Fukuoka, and it’s going back to the roots of traditional barcamps. To help all of the visitors appreciate what that means a very detailed guide has been set out on the Barcamp web site.


When you really get into the spirit of a barcamp, it’s easy to tell everybody about the things that interest you. And often, that’s the things you’re doing in your side project. Not the main thrust of your everyday work or life, but the thing that you are passionate about and really want to share with the world. When that happens (and there are only 30 tickets for this event) you end up with 30 people who would all like to talk, and only some of them will get that chance. That’s what the open space is for, and that’s when we collectively choose who gets to speak.

Then what happens, is that some very deserving individuals and their topics don’t get air time until the informal drinks afterwards. And guess what? They decide that there is definitely a need for another barcamp and then you go and organise a new one. Beware, it happened to me, and now I’m an avid barcamp fan!

Tickets for Mini Barcamp Fukuoka are available now on Eventbrite.

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