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Infected with Happiness

10 February 2009 No Comment

You wouldn’t expect me to have a normal hobby would you? And, I don’t. My hobby is psychology and even though I am an unashamed novice (and not medically qualified) I talk on the subject of psychology and happiness! This is just one snippet . . .

The Happiness Triangle

The Happiness Triangle

Get a piece of paper and draw a triangle. Label the three points of the triangle with (A) the place where you live, (B) the place where you work and (C) your local shop or supermarket, the one you use most often for family shopping. Along each line write down the distance. Add up the three numbers . . . what’s your total?

My work place is 200 metres from my home. My local supermarket is about 1,200 metres away. So, my total comes to 2.6 km. And it’s walkable! You should take steps to conscientiously engineer those locations in your life, because the smaller the total, the happier you will be.

Proactive Paul


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