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Not a Vision

HackCambridge took place over the weekend of 31 Oct and 1 Nov 2015 with the objective of getting a bunch of geeks to contribute ideas which might help the citizens of Cambridge to lead more satisfying lives. Anybody who knows Cambridge will quickly understand that this involves (largely but not exclusively) getting cars, buses and bikes to move along the highways more efficiently.
Many serious hacks were completed and presented, and although mine was clearly tongue in cheek on the one hand, I was also trying to make a serious point. …

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Hackference Brum

What’s the connection between Geeks and Pharaohs and Lego?
It was the weekend of 2 – 4 Oct 2015 and I was at Hackference in Birmingham. The event is a combination of a conference on the Friday and a hackathon on the Saturday and Sunday, and it’s aimed at software developers and web designers amongst others. I expect that lots has been written by other attendees and so this blogpost focuses on three key things that I gained from Hackference.
I was never any good at History when I was at school, …

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Barcamp Bournemouth 7

The Marshmallow Challenge
Here’s a game that I haven’t played for 20 odd years, so I decided to run it as a session at #bcbomo7 on 18 Apr 2015.

Equipped with many packets of Marshmallows and packets of Spaghetti, the teams were challenged to build the tallest possible structure they could. The rules are pretty simple:

Use only your own marshmallows, and spaghetti, and nothing else.
Do not eat the other teams’ marshmallows.
Do not cut holes in the ceiling.
Do not cook the spaghetti.
The structure may not have any external support.

We had about 30 minutes …

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I need a Business Plan!

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t do things is that they don’t know how. If they did know how, would that make it easier for them?
That’s definitely true of writing business plans, and although there are scores of books and websites out there which all claim to help, the “business plan” still seems to be a huge challenge. So here’s my simple recipe. And all you need is just three (good old fashioned) sheets of paper.

Year on year growth of 20% would be great. If you don’t have …

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LeedsHack 2014

Quite unexpectedly, I was able to get to LeedsHack again this year having missed it for the last two! I say “unexpectedly”, because it was on 2-3 Aug 2014 which was one of my very rare vacant weekends, being sandwiched between working in Switzerland at the end of July and going on holiday to Portugal in the middle of August! I knew LeedsHack was happening, but I had the feeling that a free weekend at home in London was what I needed when my life involves a bit too much …