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[12 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
Hack To The Future – The Movie

The event “Hack To The Future” was born out of a deep passion for proper computing. The brainchild of Alan O’Donohue, and with the support of many teachers and a fledgling movement called “Coding for Kids” this inaugural event on 11 Feb 2012 fired the imagination of all who took part.

Video 5mins02
The next step is to promote more proper coding, and proper computer science in schools. If this is something you’re interested in follow BBC North as details will soon emerge about the next event on 5 Mar 2012. And it …

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[9 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]

Does your IT system deliver what it promises? When Proactive went paperless in August 2005 it took eight weeks before the system was shelved. It took a further two years, and required newer, better hardware and software before the paperless system was relaunched. It became fully operational on 1 Jan 2008. We have never looked back. It’s great, and it has revolutionised the way we work!
The next big thing is happening now, it’s Cloud Computing. Since mid 2008 I have been exploring the Cloud. And, on 1 Feb 2009 …