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[12 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Tighter expenses rules ‘harming MPs’ mental health’

I was fascinated to see this report on the BBC web site earlier today!

What amazes me is the apparent level of disconnect between MPs and ordinary people! As I said in a tweet at breakfast time today (12 Oct 2011):
“They should try running a business and dealing with
HMRC and VAT and Companies House!”
I imagine that the amount of record keeping and protocol that owners of small businesses have to follow, makes the MPs rules on expenses seem rather modest. And I say that as an accountant and as a business …

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[13 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]

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Friday Feedback
Is it me, or is HM Revenue & Customs becoming a little less bearable than before? Do we have to put everything down in writing?
I believe that the answers are “yes” and “yes”. At work we resolved three years ago, that every paper document sent to the Revenue, was to go by Recorded (or Special) Delivery. Having adopted that policy, we still have difficulties and end up writing …

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[9 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]

Tuesday Financial Focus
The government introduced the IR35 rules in the tax year 2002/03 and forecasted that the measures would bring in extra tax and national insurance of about £220 million per year.
The case against IR35 was taken up by the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) and they have recently requested figures under the Freedom of Information Act. The records show that far from raking in £220M each year, the actual amount is closer to £1.5M. Moreover, the PCG estimates that the costs of mounting the IR35 campaign by the Revenue may …

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[19 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

Tuesday Financial Focus
If I say P35, you may want to switch off now, but please keep reading. This is more about efficiency than it is about payroll!
Today is the final deadline for the submission of annual PAYE returns – the form P35 and other connected documents. It’s always been a numbing task, and as it happens only once per year, the OM (Operations Manual) here at Proactive, is a bit light on detail.
Last year, I added a note to the P35 section of the OM telling us to do …

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[12 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

Tuesday Financial Focus
Are you following the rules? I am! I claim 40p per mile for business journeys which I make in my personal car. That fits in with the HMRC way of doing things under the “fixed profit car scheme”. The rationale is that the amount of 40p is enough (on a pro rata basis) to cover the costs of fuel, maintenance and even AA membership for your average car.
Actually, in my case, I think 40p is more than enough! One year, I actually worked it out and it used …